Sunday, October 4, 2009

Rio de Janeiro 360º

Click at the picture above and look at 360º
Explore it.. use Zoom, up, down..
It's simply breathtaking!

photo by Ayrton 360


Rossbaru said...

You're absolutly right Anna, I've checked this picture......Such an Amazing panorama from beautifull place. This is the first time, I see picture like this. Can I save/download that picture and how to save that picture, I'm waiting for your answer.

iriene said...

Hi, This panorama picture is fabulous! Love it! I was so happy when I read on one blog on the day they announced that Rio is winning to host the Olympic 2016. Earlier on I got a leaflet on travel to South America. Thinking of Rio, with this, I can see more development on the way :) May God Bless the Brazilian people... do drop by my blog when u r online!