Saturday, February 20, 2010

Stunning Classic Cars

All pictures DAN PALATNIK @ copyright,
provided as a courtesy of the author.

DAN PALATNIK is a brazilian 2D & 3D illustrator and graphic artist.

Many Thanks !


Iosif said...

They are very nice cars! How happy are those who can least some in the personal collection!
There are platforms to him and can afford and I am glad for those people ....
November unfortunately we can not afford even one car of 3000 ..... 5000 EUR!
We hope that the ambition we managed to buy.
Very nice blog and congratulate you for this!
Greetings and we wish you health!

peewii said...

nice car,,, :S

yere said...

really nice car..

Anonymous said...


Iosif said...

Greetings and a nice weekend!