Monday, June 14, 2010

BMW Art Car 2010

The latest in a 35-year-long run of BMW Art Cars was recently unveiled in Paris ahead of its participation in next week's 24 hours of Le Mans. The M3 GT2 was painted by american artist Jeff Koons with a multicolored theme that should look pretty wild when photographed running down the Mulsanne straight after dark.

Koons first approached BMW about creating an art car in 2003, but the project finally came to fruition earlier this year. Over the last four months Koons has worked closely with the BMW Motorsports squad on the application of the graphics to ensure they didn't have any negative affect on the car's aerodynamics.

So cool !!!

Read more about the BMW Art Cars here


Evie said...

So colourful but COOL!!

squidy said...

it's nice car.:D

Cheqna said...


u went there last week?


robert said...

BMW is my favourite! It is one of the best car.