Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Beautiful India, I'm just arriving!!!

Hello my friends, the day is arriving... next  Sunday 18th I will be setting off to India!!!!!!
What a beautiful country!!!!!!!


Evie said...

Have a safe trip and good time!!

Cheqna said...

wow Ana..lucky u!..have a safe journey n have fun!


lina@women's perspectives said...

Hope you have wonderful times in India...

Keiichi said...

Wow, you are in India!
I have been India 17years ago.
It was a little bit tough travel for me, but I have good memories there.
I want to see your Indian photos!
I want to read your Indian reports!

Have a nice jouney!

Ayarui Nina said...

hallo, how are u today?

wow! funny your pic! i like it!

mrs. ana do u will exchange link with me? :)
visit my blog :D

rock music fans said...

yeah, it must be a fascinating journey..

Lanceleo said...

"It's better in Goa!" Does it ring a bell?
Hope you'll experience the incredible India in safe and happiness

squidy said...

nice share my friend.:D

Vietnamru said...

Hi friend.
People and Landscape in India very wonderful.
I want became friend to you.
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Euroangel said...

hi dear Ana..these are lovely images...great shots!

Redruby said...

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robert said...

Have fun and don't forget to share with us your photos from India!

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Basic Medical Review said...

Have a nice trip and be careful...:D

Totomel said...

i only have one word for all your photographs: Beautiful!

thank you for dropping by my page. =)

Nitin said...

have and awsome trip.. do tell me if you are passing thru bangalore :D.. hehe.. where all are you visiting?

sangsang said...

In India the country is wonderful.

I wish I was there one time.

I'd love to become your friend.

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Nigerian Spam said...

great shots of images!!
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akuvision said...

never been oversea, one day i wish i could go to india

Iosif said...

Very nice indeed ......
I wonder but without offend anyone, the Indian people in general is dirty?
I live in Madrid in Arganda del Rey area of our block, and block-face in the next few families of Indians live and I personally seem less dirty. I do not repeat offend and not generalize but still believe they are dirty.
What do you think?
I hope I have not upset anyone ...... sautari with respect to all!

squidy said...

nice pic my friend.:D

nophie said...

OMG, it's really a beautiful place....^_^ want to go there....

Yudith said...

Oh, si que es bellisima India!!!! Gracias por dejarnos estas fotos preciosas!!! Besos

Yudith said...

Oh si bellisima India! Gracias por dejarnos tan preciosas fotos! Besos

Iosif said...

A nice evening all!

lina@happy family said...

Hi, Ana...I guess you still in India right now?

See you :)

Mama Matunda said...

Phantastic photos ... thanks and best regards from Germany.

Anonymous said...

wow! is Amazing your picture! i like it!

mrs. ana do u will exchange link with me?

Glan@flixnn said...

AmaZing and Beautiful Country!

Have a Fascinating Journey Ana!

NinaLu said...

Obrigada pelo comento la no meu cantinho!
Viu como minha cachorra ja esta grande ne?rss

Ah, adorei as fotos da India como ja havia lhe falado ne?
Tava vendo o slide que voce colocou sobre e avistei um macaco!Os macacos ficam soltos na rua??
Amei ver o esquilo comendo em sua mao!
Os esquilos nao tem medo das pessoas?Tem muitos assim que vem pertinho?
Nossa, enfim, achei muito legal!
So tenho medo de macacos!rs
Se cuide!
Um abracao, Nina.

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Gary North India said...

you are most welcome, i am in north india :)