Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A great speech of Guaicaipuro Cuatemoc

The words below are from a speech that the Cacique Guaicaipuro Cuatemoc, Mexican Indian leader, delivered to the presidents of the European Community.

For the last twenty years the countries of Latin America have suffered under the weight of an external debt to international lending agencies dominated by the United States and Europe. These loans have been accompanied by conditions forcing Latin American governments to reorganize their finances, cut social programs and open their markets to foreign investment and products. North American and European economists have felt free to lecture the leaders of Latin America on their fiscal and economic irresponsibility. Cuatemoc presents another way of interpreting history. He confronts the descendants of European settlers with their own debt to the peoples of Latin America. What he says is not "incredible." It is credible and sadly, real.

It was simply brilliant!!

" Here I, Guaicaipuro Cuatemoc, have come to meet with those that celebrate this congregation.

Here, I, descendent of the ones that populated the Americas forty thousand year ago, have come to meet those that found the Americas just five hundred years ago. Here is where we all meet, we know what we are, and that is enough. Never we will have anything else.

The European customs officer asks me for a written paper with a visa for entry, to discover those that discovered me. The European usurer brother, asks me to pay a debt that is not mine- it is a Judas debt. I never gave him my authorization to sell me. The European brother explains to me that all debts are paid with interest even if it is selling human beings and countries without asking for authorization. I am discovering them, and I also can ask for payments and interest.

The record of Europe's debt to indo Americans is in the India Archives. There can be found paper on top of paper, receipt on top of receipt and signature on top of signature, documenting the treasure taken from Indo America to Europe. From 1503 and 1660 185 thousand kilograms of gold and 16 million kilograms of silver was taken from the Americas and delivered to Europe.


No I can't believe that! Because that would mean that we think that the Christian brothers forgot their Seventh Commandment.


Tanatzin deliver me of thinking that the Europeans, like Cain, kill and negate the blood of their own brothers!


That would give credibility to the liars, such as Bartolome de las Casas, which qualify the encounter as the destruction of the India, or to Arturo Uslar Pietri, that describe the emerging of capitalism and the actual European civilization is due to the inundation of precious metals!

No! Those 185 thousand kilograms of gold and those 16 million kilograms of silver should be considered as the first of many other friendly loans from the Americas, whose destiny was to be used in the development of Europe. The contrary will be to presume the existence of war crimes, which would give us the right, not only to ask for their immediate return, but also to a compensation for damage and prejudice.

I Guaicaipuro Cuatemoc prefer to believe the least offensive of these explanations.

Such a fabulous exportation of capital was nothing else than the beginning of a "MARSHAL TESUMA" plan, to guarantee the reconstruction of a barbaric Europe, ruined by their deplorable wars against the muslim cults, creators of algebra, polygamy, the daily bath and other superior achievements of civilization.

For this reason when we celebrate five hundred years of the loan, we can ask ourselves:

Have the European brothers used in a rational and responsible way the funds so generously advanced by the International Indoamerican Bank?

Sadly, we say… no.

Strategically, they wasted the money in the battles of Lepanto, on their invincible navies, on the third Reich and other forms of mutual extermination, with no other destiny than the occupation by Gringo Troops of the OTAN, like in Panama, but without canal.

Europe has been unable, after a moratorium of five hundred years, of paying off the loan and the interest the raw materials, the liquid rents and the cheap energy that they import and supply to the whole "Third World".

This deplorable situation confirms the affirmation of Milton Friedman [famous conservative North American economist] according to which a subsidized economy never can work and obligates us for their own good to ask the Europeans for the return of the capital and the interest that so generously we have for centuries delayed in charging them. We will not humiliate ourselves by charging our European brothers the vile and bloody interest rate of 20 or even 30 percent that our European brothers charge to the countries of the Third World.

We will ask just for the return of the precious metal that we lent, plus the more than reasonable fixed interest rate of 10 percent, accumulated only in the last 300 years with 200 years of Grace. On this basis, and applying the European formula of compound interest, we inform the discoverers of the Americas that they owe us, as a first payment of their debt, 185 thousand kilograms of gold and 16 thousand kilos of silver- both ciphers elevated to the potency of 300. Meaning a number for which total expression will need more than 300 ciphers and that pass by far the total weight of the planet. Very heavy are those moles of gold and silver.

How heavy would this be if we calculated their debt in blood?

To say that Europe in half a millennium has not been able to generate sufficient richness to pay that reasonable interest would be an admission that Europe's absolute finance system failure and/ or dementia irrationality of the basis of capitalism. This metaphysical question of course does not unquiet us - the Indoamericans -. But we ask the signing of a letter of intention that disciplines the countries of the Old World. One that obligates them to comply with their compromise by means of a fast privatization or re-converting of Europe that allows us to take the European continent as first payment of the historic debt…"

When the Cacique Guaicaipuro Cuatermoc gave his conference in front of the Chiefs of Government of the European Community, he did not know that he was exposing a thesis on International Rights to determine THE REAL EXTERNAL DEBT."

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