Saturday, November 14, 2009

Rotating Towers in Dubai

Watch the video by clicking here

The 80-storey "Dynamic Tower," will be a shifting skyscraper of luxury apartments on spinning floors, which will be attached to a central column. Plans for the project were unveiled in New York by Italian architect David Fisher, who said: "This building will have endless different shapes".

The 420-meter (1,378-foot) building features 80 apartments that spin a full 360 degrees around a central column by means of 79 power-generating wind turbines located between each floor. The apartments will take between one and three hours to make a complete rotation, and at 30,000 US dollars per square meters, will cost between 3.7 million to 36 million dollars.

Mr Fisher said the skyscraper, which would be energy self sufficient and cost about 700 million dollars to build, was due to be completed in Dubai by 2010.

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